Bloggy Giveaways

My very first blog giveaway! Since this is my first time with this, I think I will keep it simple and offer a $20 shopping spree at my Etsy shops (feel free to mix & match between the bead shop and the cane shop) or website shop. There’s all sorts of good stuff! And to make it even sweeter, free shipping, so the shipping is not counted against your spree.

To enter the giveaway, simple post a comment on this post. I’d love to hear any opinions about the blog re-design, any requests for colours, patterns or shapes for my future work or even clay how-to questions! It’s all good! You can even just say ‘Hi’! You do not need to be a blogger to enter, just need to make that post and use a valid email address in the form.

On Friday, after I’m back from taking my little goblin out trick-or-treating, I will close comments and pick a winner. This should be somewhere around 9pm mountain time. I will announce the winner on Saturday, after my show (wish me luck even!).

I’m happy to ship anywhere, so I welcome entrants from around the world. The more the merrier! And don’t forget shipping is free 🙂

For a truly awesome list of other bloggy giveaways check out the Blog Carnival on Bloggy Giveaways. There’s an expected 1000 plus participants this time around! That’s an awful lot of free goodness! Bloggy Giveaways also does regular giveaways even outside of the Carnival and it’s always fun to watch.

* The very fine print: the $20 is face value – you’re welcome to buy from my web shop or my Etsy shop but in the interest of keeping it simple, I am going to consider the $$$ equal. So you could spend $10 on my Etsy and $10 here and that would be the gift certificate.

173 Responses

  1. I like the ‘calm’ background colours. The pictures of your art and products are clearly differnciated and the site/blog still feels restful.

  2. I love your items! I also like your blog design, with one caveat. I think you need to re-consider your font. You’re using a very basic and businesslike font, which doesn’t match the creativity of your items.

  3. The beads are awesome and one of my favorites is the Claychicks Purples and Lavenders Polymer Clay Flower Canes ,beautiful. Count me into this wonderful contest

  4. I love the way your bright colors pop against the ivory background you chose. Just keep doing what you are doing. Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. Your beads are so pretty. My teenage daughter loves to make jewelry, so this is a great giveaway for the Holidays. Thank you.

  6. I really like your work, the flowers are so realistic.

    I used to have a pair of rose earrings, tiny little fabric roses. The earrings are long gone, but I would like to know if you can make tiny little clay roses? Just curious.

  7. i don’t usually think much of polymer clay beads, so i hesitated to read on when i saw that was what you made. but the etsy pics on the left of this blog caught my eye, and when i looked at your shop it was clear that you don’t make the sort of clay beads that i generally dislike–you have some pretty beads, with impressive attention to detail.

    that was my long-winded way of saying i want to enter. 🙂

  8. I love your new layout, it is clean and neatly organized. Thanks for your blog give away offer, hope I win!!

  9. I love the sunshine beads!
    How do you get the design in there? Do you make it really big and then stretch it out like they do with rock candy?
    Fantastic giveaway!
    mountaingoats at hotmail dot com

  10. Love your canes. The roses are beautiful. Great blog too. I love hearing about what you are making.

  11. I love your beads made with the clay and that all the cane work is your own. I’d love to win, count me in.