Author: Elaine

There Will Be Videos

I have a love-hate relationship with video but I’m determined to get this sorted! Etsy now allows us to add little short clips to our listings and so I added lots of 10 second clips of me poking beads as a way of showing scale and depth. I’ll probably add some of me slicing canes or showing what I made with the cane for cane listings.

On the YouTube front, I’ve added the videos for two more of my old tutorials: the flower centre cane and the six petal flower cane. I will work my way through more of my site tutorials to update them a bit. Most of them were made in 2006-10! They’d be heading to middle and high school if they were kids!

Halloween is Coming

Even though spring 2020 was about 3 years long and summer is barely here I’m prepping my online shops for fall stuff because a) shipping is taking FOREVER and b) I really like Halloween things. They’re fun to make. They run the gamut from spooky to silly. I made a fresh Jack O Lantern and a silly cobweb bead. There will be another black cat against the moon bead and some more Halloween themed canes – you can keep an eye on what shows up in my Etsy shop for Halloween goods here.

In a sort of reverse chronology I’ll also have some autumn leaves (and just a lot more leaves in general) showing up in my Etsy shop (and my site shop, after) next week and then we’ll be onto the Christmas in July releases.

2020 Continues To Do It’s Thing

There’s a lot made on the internet about how incredibly crazy 2020 has been for the world and for North America. And then last week we got to see the horrifying video of the extra-judicial execution of George Floyd, a Black man, in the US by police. This incident set off protests across the US and a lot of the rest of the world in solidarity. In the week+ since there has been non stop coverage of protests against police brutality being met with… police brutality and military level force. Conversations are beginning to be had about what societal reforms need to occur to bring about a peace that does not rely on the threat of violence by the state against the most vulnerable populations.

I am not religious but I come from a religious background and got a decent education. In the Bible, a passage in Luke 12 says roughly: To whom much is given, much is required.

In essence, if you have the privilege and the duty given to you to protect and serve people… you, above all, must be the most careful and the most gentle. Violence of any sort should be the last, infinitely sad, resort.

There is a lot of more intelligent, thoughtful, and yes, angry, discussion about this happening out on the internet. Read up. Perhaps we can come away from this with fewer people dying. I am going to be so much more depressed and disillusioned if we get out of 2020 without some serious growth.