The Lipstick Effect

With all the economic chaos I’ve started hearing about the lipstick effect again. The theory with this is that as people watch the family budget more closely they are less likely to purchase big ticket goods. Instead, they indulge in small luxuries like lipstick.

Or, I’ve noticed, earrings.

I don’t sell lipstick but I make beads and at shows, I have both beads and earrings. I also carry much more elaborate pieces of jewelry and much larger, more expensive pieces of clay work. The last show, the overall sales were not down much (hurrah!) but I did notice that people bought more of the smaller pieces. Like earrings.

Eek, there's faces in my earrings Lavender Roses
Sweetheart roses Earrings with bugs

So I have to wonder if this is the lipstick factor coming into play in my little world?

4 Responses

  1. Fabulous earrings! Love the faces!

    I noticed that at my last show also…the average per customer sale was down from last year. HHMMMMM, there’s an idea, maybe we need to make lipstick. 🙂

  2. Around here there are far fewer people going to craft sales and of those few who buy anything. I collected ohhs and ahhs, esp on jewelry made with your beads!