Tile Trends

If you have a look on Etsy you’ll see that tile jewelry is hugely popular. Insanely so. Scrabble tile, domino tile, glass tile.. you name it. In clay, you have whole videos and classes on how to make tile bracelets. Granted, my tiles are all clay.

Tile bracelet Tile bracelet

These were fun – just in time for my show on the weekend. I didn’t put them on stretch cord after fighting with it. Instead they use multi-strand fancy clasps. Little bits of findings I’ve accumulated over the years.

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  1. I am blown away by the beauty of these beads. Are you going to sell the tile beads that are shown on your website? I just started beading and these are fabulous. Great colors and variety. I do have a question. On the canes, how do you bake and how do you get the holes in them to make beads? Anyway, great job on your work.

  2. Thanks guys!

    Lori, so far I have not listed tiles but if there is any demand, I would have no problem putting them up for sale.

    Canes, depending on which type, either get sliced thinly and collaged on raw clay beads (the ones with the translucent backgrounds) or sliced thickly and turned into slice beads(like the fruit). You can put holes before or after you bake – I drill after I bake with a dremel but I used to just use a toothpick or a headpin.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Hi Elaine! Wow I LOVE these tile beads! Please do put them up for sale! I’ve been working with the previous sets received for a local fair, in case you’re wondering how I’ve been using them 😀


  4. Hey Melissa! thanks! I will definitely make a few more next batch so that I can actually sell some of the beads.

    The bracelets went right away to my (pleased) shock.

  5. Hi Kelly! The bracelets sold at the show I took them to. I’m happy to let you know when I next have similar beads (and can make similar jewelry).