7 Things About the Crafty Me

I got tagged by Myrte of Mirthquake (the name is wonderful!) with this meme when I did it not long ago. So this time I am going to do 7 things about the crafty, clayful me.

  1. Of all the patterns I do, I like the Sea Garden (blue greens) best. My daughter named it that when she was 5.
  2. My favourite brand of clay is the old Fimo Classic mixed with Premo.
  3. The most popular canes (sales wise at least) I have are almost all roses.
  4. I love to make canes best of all my claying activities. Then beads from the canes. Heaven!
  5. In 2007 I made around 6,000 beads. In 2008, I made that many in the first half year.
  6. November 20th, I teach my first polymer clay class to the Sheep Creek Weaver’s guild. Very cool.
  7. The most popular not bead item at craft shows is not my jewelry (alas!) but usually my ring bowls and ornaments. Probably because they are like giant beads!

I’m going to be a spoilsport again and not tag folks but I am always interested in quirky, crafty facts about my favourite artsy folks! So share if you’ve got an urge.

One Response

  1. This should be a new rule I think, If you’ve already been tagged, talk about the crafty you. Thanks for sharing!

    Good luck making yout beautiful beads. I love them!