The Blog Giveaway Bandwagon

Black and White Bangle I am jumping on the blog giveaway bandwagon next week. Some of the lovely women in the FAM Street Team on Etsy are going to be participating in a blog giveaway and I thought, why not join in! It’ll run next week – October 27-31 – and I will post all about it on Monday! Check back to see what I’m offering 🙂

Right after that is the 30 Days of Christmas promotion being organized by the very talented TheTinyFig. Every single day of November there will be a piece of handcrafted goodness available as a giveaway. The contest will be run on the sites and blogs of all the participants with TinyFig’s blog site as the hub. You can win more than once and entries are by making comments on participant’s blog sites. The black and white bangle is my giveaway for the contest!

2 Responses

  1. Very good chance of it. I actually have one written up to submit to a few places. If no one wants it, I will run it on my site in some form, in 2009.