The Shop: Friendly Promoting

Etsy Treasuries are a little addictive! I lucked into one today – they were having server issues, so LOTS of people lucked into them – that I got to set up with two favourites: Blue and Clay. You can see the treasury filled with all sorts of blue-toned clay items by clicking the piccie:

Of course, with all the extra treasuries floating about someone kindly put one of my Claychicks canes in theirs. Thanks Bam!

This week my Tooaquarius Etsy shop is also featured on Winklepots blog. Winkle makes some incredibly adorable handpainted lil’ kids wear. I told Chloe she needs to be 4 again but she disagrees with me. Luckily I know other little people now.

I have beads chugging along in the tumbler now, so we’ll have some fresh stuff on the sites this weekend and until then I’ve begun adding beads to the webstore here. These will likely be beads made as they’re ordered and will include my regular themes in my usual shapes: pillows, rounds and lentils in blues, sea garden, sunshine, black and white, coffee tones, sweetheart pink, lavender field, tangerine. I will also add the sets I have on hand that one of a kinds but these mostly find their way to Etsy first.