Cute as a Button

I recently got tapped to teach a basic polymer clay class to a local fiber arts guild. I’m excited about it and I suggested buttons as a beginner project (well, buttons, beads and all sorts of good stuff but for this exercise we’ll say buttons). I used to make buttons for sweaters my grandmother would knit so off I went searching for some of those. And I found none.

They’re probably here somewhere – and I always say how hard it is to lose things in a small apartment – but until they show up I made a few more.

Clay Buttons

These are all caned based ones – either cane slices, cut from cane sheets or cut from cane sheets and coordinating bases – except the two swirlies which would make great toggles for those felted handbags. I don’t suppose that shocks any of us. I have a few in a laundry bag to go through with the jeans to test them out but they were fun to make up!

I wonder if the fiber arts folks would teach me how to sew them on?