Watch my Garden Grow

In my real, offline life I live in a small apartment. I container garden fruits, veggies and herbs but flowers have always been hit or miss. Before clay, honestly, floral stuff bothered me. It was unsettling to my tomboy geek self. Since clay I’ve actually reconciled with it a bit – I can admire and name flowers and patterns. It’s been fun to watch my clay garden grow. The latest additions from the weekend include some small periwinkle coloured, periwinkle (well, five petal flower at least) beads and a handful of canes. I am particularly happy with the shading on the red rose, it came out nice and velvety.

Watch my garden grow... Periwinkle beads for Peri

I have a stack more blends sitting in the box that are earmarked for more canes this week. Wonder what the garden will develop into? And it’s so nice that this one doesn’t depend on the weather’s whim!

4 Responses

  1. Elaine with all the dainty flowers I seen you ‘grow’ in polymer clay, I’m having a hard time picturing you as a Tom-boy Geek! Too funny! That’s the thing about knowing someone through their work and never meeting them personally. Maybe one day we’ll meet at a conference or something and I can get you all straightened out in, my mind! 🙂

  2. It’s funny because I make around 5-10k beads every year, the majority of which are kind of dainty and often floral. I make hundreds of pieces of jewelry every year. I wear jewelry about twice a month (even though I tell everyone its a great way to promote your sales, I still can’t make myself do it – I get mom to).

    The geek bit of life pays the bills – the clay is still the part time job and fun. I hope to eventually have them on more equal footing!

  3. Elaine always has been a geeky tomboy (still is) Lucky for me – she needs someone to model her jewelry, which I am always happy to do.

  4. LOL! As a friend and user of her beads, she is more geek than tom boy. The floral thing doesn’t really go with her personality, as much, but then me crocheting doesn’t seem right either 🙂