The Shop – Summer Moseying Along

Taking the cue from the majority of the other cane sellers on Etsy, I listed singles in the Claychicks shop this week:

And there’s sets of canes, of course:

In the Tooaquarius Shop there’s plenty of beads (and more going up today!):

And I am finally bringing my web store in line with my Etsy Shops to make life a little simpler on my record keeping. The prices will be similar across the board – though Etsy will be cheaper for sets picked by me, you can still get a ‘buy 5 get 1 free’ set of six on here – and sometimes, I think, my American friends will get a good deal when the Canadian buck swings low (as my site prices are in Canadian dollars).

Across the board shipping for canes and beads is now much more reasonable. I got the ins and outs of Canadian shipping explained to me and I am happy to be able to say: It STILL makes NO SENSE but I can now offer shipping at about the same prices as US sellers. Overseas shipping may need a little tweaking, be warned.