Teaming Up

A big part of selling on Etsy is marketing and getting your name out there, in front of people. Etsy encourages it’s sellers to do advertising for each other, to support each others marketing efforts and generally work as teams to solve some of the common issues with sales.

To that end, Etsy has these groups called street teams which are associations of sellers grouped by region, medium or some other interest. Last week, I finally joined up with two more of these – I had belonged to the Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy last year before I took a break: The Alberta Street Team and Fabulous Artistic Moms.

The first makes all sorts of common sense – I’m in Alberta. I do shows in Alberta, I buy supplies here and I meet a lot of crafters doing this. So, let’s bundle it together and get a bit more organized.

The second group is a team a friend of mine referred me to which is more of a supportive network. The common thread is that they are all moms (as well as all vendors). The Fabulous Artistic Moms are a more established group with many activities and a lot of members.

Street teams tend to have group activities like forum threads on Etsy, group ad buying, promotional posts about each other and things along those lines. It is one of those occasions where spreading the work around makes it a little easier.