Help in the Studio

Sometimes I get a little assistance with my crafting. Usually that’s my mom talking for me at shows. Or my daughter sorting the beads I messed up. Again. She has all the nitpicking skills I skipped as far as that goes. I would say she inherited it as part of her creative streak but that particular trait is one I completely lack – I can sort as needed but it doesn’t interest me.

This weekend my friend blended clay for me. While I love the way a good blend looks and I grudgingly admit the pasta machine motor is a fabulous tool, the noise makes me crazy. It doesn’t bother him.

Pretty Colours

Later, I sent him out to whip up the grub for the starving crafters!

Feeding the Hordes

Another helper is Moe from Honolulu. Coming back from swim lessons today, we just about trampled my mail carrier who had a package for me. Inside were scads of Altoid tins. For those who are unaware, covering Altoid tins is one of those basic polymer clay projects. Because Altoids seem to be oddly rare here, we almost never get them… Moe heard of my plight and helped out.

Tins galore

And yes, some of them have mints in them still. So we even have pretty breath. Thanks, all my crafty helping types!