The Fine Art of Procrastination

What I Avoid

I think we all have things we avoid doing and while some of mine are housework (mostly laundry, as above) a lot of them are work related tasks. This leads to productive procrastination in which I end up doing all sorts of other constructive things in order not to actually finish up what I should be doing. Today that lead to: writing blog posts, drilling many beads, doing that laundry, cleaning the kitchen, gardening, organizing beads, finishing canes and a whole pile of other small nagging tasks.

I did, eventually, buckle down and get the silly order sorted out and done. It’s in the oven curing now.

By the way, if you haven’t gone and looked part 3 of the Bead Soup Blog Party is today. You can check out Lori Anderson’s post and see the whole list.