Combining Bits

On a regular day my studio looks like a small bead store and about 30 pounds of clay got together and exploded. There are a dozen small projects in progress on one table or the other at a given time and that’s fine.


As projects get finished or tried out there’s always bits and bobs left. This bargello wasn’t actually a project but an experiment. I’d never made one you see. So, after I saw a Pin about it on Pinterest, I took a few pieces of blend and made a chunk. It’s lovely.


This here – the white lump – is a snowman in progress. It’ll get little wire arms and faux coal eyes. And now, I’m thinking, it will have a little scarf made from strips of bargello cane.

The more common combining of bits tends to be when all the dark coloured crumbs on the clay table get rolled together, marbled, and made into flower centres. Most of the centres of my flower canes and beads are made like that.

How do you make the odds and ends in your crafty area work together?