Missed My Wednesday

I did mean to post for the Bead Table Wednesday. Mostly because Bead Table Thursday just doesn’t have the same ring. But here it is anyways:


I made these beads last year at some point. The smaller beads are various semi precious stones and I used a lovely gunmetal coloured wire for the links and clasp. It was nice to sit down and create a whole necklace.


Here’s a few of the beads I was photographing and using yesterday. I found an even, thin, white plastic box to take photos in to replace the ripped tissue paper version I’ve been using and I like how smooth and even the lighting is. I do plan on buying an actual table top photo tent soon for the larger items but for beads and small jewellery without props a 3 or 4 foot cube seems like overkill.

If YOU have a bead table you should share your projects with us in the Bead Table Wednesday flickr group.