Silly Stuff, Beads, Buttons and Textures Classes

All of these will be run at the Art Gallery of Swift Current – the nifty little place I spend far too much time at here in town – and they’re the people you need to call or email to register.

First up, I’ll be continuing with classes for the kiddos. We’ll be doing what I call the Silly Stuff this time around. By Silly Stuff I mean we’ll be making flip books, wobblers out of clay, pop up pranks in time for April Fool’s day and whatever else gets dreamed up. The Art Gallery has an amazing stash of crafty materials and the kids are frighteningly creative. I mostly just have to referee for this. Grade 1 and 2s will be on Tuesday and the 3-5s will be on Wednesday since this seemed to work before.

My polymer classes start off with a basics session where we’ll go over all of the basics: conditioning, working, curing and finishing. We’ll also do the fun stuff, the embellishing: basic canes, colour mixing and a few tricks for how to make great pieces simply. For this class our “basics” projects will be beads and buttons since I see these as instant gratification items. I will have a few finished items to demonstrate what you can use YOUR beads and buttons to create and time depending we may get the chance to go over a few of these.

Following the Basic Beads and Buttons session we’ll be doing an in depth introduction to textures in clay. We’ll go over how to use polymer clay to make your OWN versatile tools and then we’ll use our new stamps, molds and textures to make tiles, inchies, ATCs and, knowing me, beads. We’ll also get into surface embellishments to help highlight all the great textures we’ll be making.

The nitty gritty:

Kids classes will be:
* Gr 1 & 2: Tuesdays 4:30-5:30 – February 28, March 6 & 13
* Gr 3, 4 & 5: Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 – February 29, March 7 & 14

Adult classes will be:
* Polymer Clay Beads and Buttons Basics: 6:30-8:30, February 29, March 7 & 14
* Polymer Clay Textures and Surface Decoration: 6:30-8:30, March 21 & 28, April 4


  1. pam says:

    I will sign up my monsters. I will sign up myself too but may miss a couple classes depending when we go on our holiday.

  2. Jenny Lee says:

    Oh boy!
    I was hoping you would teach us some of this stuff. I am going to have to go down there and sign up. (But won’t you be teaching us a class on your birthday? Not fair to you.)

  3. Jenny Lee says:

    Aha! It says MARCH 14.. *doh* haha I saw the 14th and since this is February my mixed up self just put 2 and 2 together and got 12. Boy I am good!

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