Jewelrymaking Factory

I try to batch my tasks as much as possible so that I can get a bunch accomplished in one session. Last night and this morning was a series of necklaces in the jewelrymaking factory (aka. my studio). Here’s two of them:

Forest Flowers

I love the combination of the leaf green and the antiqued brass!

Swirl Necklace

This one is a new design with a bit more movement than I usually put on my necklaces. Having fun with it though!

There will be plenty more new work to show this weekend at the Gun & Hobby Show. Come visit, there will be bunches of us at the Stockade in Swift Current!

2 Responses

  1. These are so gorgeous Elaine! Your beads always are. Did you hear about Polyform discontinuing some of the primary colors in their Premo line? I’m sure this effects you too. I have started a virtual petition to SAVE Cobalt Blue, Zinc Yellow and Sea Green over on my blog. (My name goes to the post. The info is in the comment section. if you want to add your two cents to the pile.) We’ve got to save those colors. So many recipes are depending on it!

  2. I heard about it as well as saw dozens of your tweets about it on Twitter…. lol. If I think of something to post about it on the discussion page, I will do that