The Dull Stuff

I think every craft has the truly monotonous, dull tasks mixed in with the fun creating. Sanding is my primary peeve about all of the crafts I do – jewelry making has filing, beadmaking has sanding… even woodworking, what small amount I do, has it! The little bit of shrink plastic I’ve been playing with also has a little. GAH.

Another task that makes me boggly eyed is mixing colours for use in the future. While my future self really, REALLY appreciates my forethought when she sits down and there is nice stacks of blends ready to go or the shade of lavender I love, in well stacked sheets… my current self is not thrilled with this.

5 pounds of translucent

This is what about 5 pounds of translucent clay looks like. Since Premo Frost by itself does not have all the qualities I need to do my best work, I have to break up and mix in several other types of translucent clays. First step is reducing it all to pea sized bits. After that I tend to just crush it into big chunks but this time I think I will at least run it through the pasta machine in sheets and get it started blending.

What kind of grunt work drives you mad about your art?

2 Responses

  1. hmmm.. mine would have to be, sewing in yarn ends after your done a project.
    You think finishing a project it would be time to celebrate, but no, gotta hide those pesky yarn ends!