Playing with Silk

Right in the middle of the busy season I’ve had the chance to play in two other creative places – the visit to the Ring Lord last week and then, yesterday, I got to visit Skyswept Designs the studio of Louise Perrin. Louise is known for her fibre art including all sorts of hand dyed pieces. She offers in studio scarf dyeing sessions where she provides instruction, all the colours you could imagine and a stack of “blanks” to use. Chloe and I took advantage, leading to us making a few scarves. I figure the aunts and grandmas will be happy to not get ONLY clay jewelry this year for gifts!


You start by figuring out your colours and mixing them up. Since Louise has every colour there is… this took a few minutes of thinking.

Here We Go!

The process is simple – you dribble (yes, on purpose) dye onto your dampened and scrunched scarves. The dye settles into the hills and valleys of the scrunched fabric making lovely marbled patterns.

The Scrunch

See? The scrunching technique is very technical. Ahem.

Brown and Turquoise

From that scrunchy pile, Louise ended up with the subtle browns and turquoises on this.

Our Efforts

We got our first four done this session. I’m looking forward to making a few more – must try purples! Thanks for letting us come over to play Louise!