Wired at the Ring Lord

Before I got into clay – yes, there was a Before – I did jewelry with wire and chain. I STILL use wire and chain but back then the Wire was the big part of it. So this weekend when I moseyed on over to Saskatoon to do the 20th Annual Christmas Fair at the Western Development Museum I also got to visit the Ring Lord. The Ring Lord is a wire worker and chain mailler’s dream and it’s comparatively close to me. In Calgary it was 8 hours away.

Ring Lord Field Trip

We got to stare at the sheer volume of wire and rings everywhere…

Ring Lord Field Trip

see the industrial maille maker in action…

Ring Lord Field Trip

and even roped the very patient proprietor into posing with us (well, with Cindy) for a picture.

Ring Lord Field Trip

Everyone was very patient with my fan girl clicking away and ooo-ing over all the pretty wire. There’s a few more pics over on Flickr.


  1. Elaine says:

    They actually sell the sweepings from the various stations (well the metal parts of it). The ones from the high end machines are $5 a baggie and the ones from beside the low end metal cutters are cheaper.

    I was just moral support for my friend this time – I ordered a shocking amount of sterling and brass a few weeks ago.

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