Meet ColtPixy

Sometime a little while ago, not long after I got started up on ArtFire, the polymer clayers banded together. The ring leader and pusher for this – since I admit to being a distracted and vague member! – was Star (aka. ColtPixy) from Fayetteville, TN. We became the Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild on ArtFire, a fairly light hearted and easy going bunch.

peas in a pod necklace

If you have a look around ColtPixy’s shop you’ll notice that she has a whimsical take on clay, a completely different style from mine – definitely part of my love for clay is just how different it is from artist to artist – with more in the way of sculptural and texture elements. I love the pea pods she makes, they’re so sweet.

ColtPixy Pink Pixy Stone Heart Pendant

The heart pendant above is my current favourite shiny in the shop because it’s something a LITTLE like what I might make but with a completely different technique. The end result is a lovely, simple pendant with shades of pink, gold and pearl on a casual cord.

You can check out Star’s blog, photos and shop here:

The Blog


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  1. Thank you! I am still dreaming of getting a dollhouse and decorating it with your pillow beads as the pillows to decorate it with.