Lilac Festival 2010

My Booth!

I headed to Calgary – my hometown until last year – for the Lilac Festival. The show was well attended, I did well, the booth was spiffy (I can’t recommend a pop up tent enough) and I saw tons of old customers and Etsy team members.

The only downside? It was cold! We had a few snowflakes fall, a few raindrops, lots of cloud, a little wind and temperatures under 10 degrees Celsius the whole day. Le sigh.

A local TV crew wanted to interview me but I made my mom do it since I have a speech issue. I can’t find the video online but there’s a little text blurb too. Mom’s semi-famous.

Speaking of Mom, here’s a shot of us for posterity’s sake:

My Mom!

And there’s a few more pictures of the show in my Flickr album.

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