Life in a Small Town

My friends who live in smaller places are going to laugh at me but after a million people Swift Current, Saskatchewan is tiny. Even if it is 16,000+ people. And yesterday I had a craft show in a smaller, neighbouring community called Herbert. The show was perfectly organized, well advertised and unfortunately poorly attended. Still had some fun there meeting up with people.

Herbert Craft Fair

One of my latest pieces, another dangly bracelet – I made a few of those in 2008 I think – is this one with little pink flowers, pearls and antiqued brass wire.

Dangly Floral Charm Bracelet

And finally, to catch you all up, I had my demonstration today at the gallery. It was great, lots of interest in classes about polymer clay, oohs and aahs about my beads and good chit chat. I completely forgot to get a picture of me doing my thing! So, here is a picture of my friend Cindy doing HER thing last weekend. You just have to picture me in approximately the same spot with spread out messes of clay.

Demoing Wire Crochet


  1. Cindy says:

    I suppose you HAD to use the least flattering pic of me at the demo too?
    Sorry I didn’t return the photo favour, it was a bad “forgot the camera” day!
    For those who missed it she does a great demo and U missed it NYA NYA!!

  2. Gina says:

    I would like to purchase a dangle flower bracelet. Would you happen to have a website to see your jewlery?
    Thank You

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