The Shop: On the way

Maybe Spring is in the air. I know that it influenced my cane making choice the last couple of weeks – pansy canes and now pansy beads. But I’m wondering if the cat has gone nuts.

Sam the Siamese is 16 or 17 years old. He spends most of his days like this:

My Mighty Hunter

Yesterday morning around 6 am he was skittering and darting around the house and even jumping a little. For long enough that I got up early to check what he was up to, wondering if we had a mouse or something. Because he was hell-bent on catching SOMETHING.

Feral Hair Scrunchie

The terrible something turned out to be a vicious, feral hair scrunchie. The cat is crazy. End of story. But it was a fun start to my day.

My bead shop has a couple new pieces this week, including some cute rounds with my pansy canes:

You can pick the canes up in my Claychicks shop or both beads and canes all in one go from my ArtFire shop.