New Colours

Wow! Crazy bead making week! But in with the tablespoon of crazy was a nice scoop of productive. I got the initial batches and photos of my latest two colour schemes setup.


This is latte, a sort of lighter version of my very popular coffee tones. It is all cream to dark brown, monochromatic so it should be an excellent neutral. It pairs well with the coffee tones, the crimsons and the sea garden colours right off which means I have some ‘sperimenting to do.

Forest Flower

Forest flowers is a remake of a batch that has sold out a few times on Etsy – forest green background with forest toned flowers all over it. The rusty coloured mum cane is still my favourite.

One Response

  1. Loving those new colours, I love both of them actually. That green is my all time favourite shade of green! Your work is inspirational.