Weekend Whirlwind

I’m a big advocate for simple living and removing complications and clutter but sometimes, even with the best of intentions, life gets busy! This week the kid had extra catchup work at school and haunted house building and her first middle school party to work on. The boyfriend had extra work commitments. I have some large (yay!) orders pending and the regular insane fall shopping season online. Phew!


So because I’m supposed to be doing Other Things my creative side wants to do something else. I was playing with scraps and ways of shaping beads.

Sticks o beads

I did get one of the buckets done – sanded, buffed, glossed up and mostly photo and sorted. They WILL show up in my Etsy shop today and go out to their future homes in the mail this week. There is another tray in the mail right now. And another in progress behind me.

My Little vampire

And the kiddo did make it out trick or treating and to her middle school dance. She was a cute little vampire and quite comically disappointed with the trick or treating results for doing a few houses here, in the small town, vs 10 city blocks. We fixed that by showing her how much was left from the bowl to give out. And no way I should be eating that much!

2 Responses

  1. They didn’t make it to my Etsy shop – just made a few to experiment – but I’m planning on whipping up more so I will let you know!