7 Things About Me

What better way to spend the last twenty minutes before supper is finished up… a meme! Connie sort of tagged everyone who read her post. Some of the items on my list are inspired by hers ’cause it got me thinking.

  1. I don’t watch TV almost at all. Less than 2 hours a week, most weeks.
  2. I have a minor vocal cord defect. Therefore I spend a LOT of time online where that doesn’t matter.
  3. I’m a single mom to a 9 year old.
  4. I don’t drive. I do live in a city with decent public transit though.
  5. No makeup, never dyed my hair and I don’t really follow fashion much. So of course I make beads and jewelry. Figures.
  6. My mom is a ni dan (second black belt) in Karate. It was a fabulous threat to my boyfriends in high school.
  7. I have more than 100 pounds of clay here. Somewhere.

I hate tagging people but if anyone has little personal things they want to share, fess up!

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