Making Candy Corn

There’s an update to this tutorial, with a video, here.

I’ve never tasted the stuff. Yes, I know, I am missing a significant cultural part of my life. But I did MAKE some this week – clay candy corn that is. I wanted another quick, simple motif to add to the fabric of some pillow beads and this was just about my speed.

You need a lump of off-white, a slightly bigger lump of orange, and a little larger lump of yellow. I used Premo! for all three – white with a crumb of ecru, orange with a pea of ecru to dull it down and yellow with a pea of ecru for the same reason.

Form the lumps into logs the same length – 2″ / 50mm is good – with the faces in the second part of the image: a rounded triangle for the white tip, a slightly trapezoid block shape for each of the orange and yellow. Stack, compress and start reducing. Voila! Candy corn cane.

If you’re particularly adventurous you can make blends for the colours. I didn’t. I went and sliced up the cane to put on some pillow beads – which are in the tumbler right now – and made a couple dozen slice beads from parts of the remaining cane

Pretty much instant clay gratification!



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