The Beadmakers Life

This week my daughter is enjoying the last week of summer break with her grandparents. I promised that I would make hundreds and hundreds of beads while she was gone and I have definitely stuck to that. Call it obsession. That’s probably the gentlest word for it.

Empty Pillows

Of course, stumbling block last night was realizing I’d running out of the little bits of clay I use for pillow bead stuffing. That’s usually my daughters job, to cut them out and pinch them into roundish shapes. I persevered, finished up the beads, baked them and they are now tumbling happily with their friends. Hundreds and hundreds of their friends. Did you know each barrel in the Lortone two barrel tumbler can hold 150-170 beads, size depending? So I do honestly mean, hundreds and hundreds.

Today, I’m taking a break from making caned beads and doing the other neglected bead making tasks like drilling holes, sorting and generally ogling all the pretty things I find on Etsy.

Today, I lucked into my very first treasury ever so I even had a reason to be ogling beads and shiny things. The treasury is a mix of beads and jewelry, some featuring clay, from friends and street team members. Check it out and see beads I didn’t make he he.

Since my fingers are still protesting from the abuse of the last few days, I may take the rest of the afternoon off from clay as well and go out, do errands, enjoy the last bit of summer sun and all that good healthy non obsessive stuff.

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