Rainy Days

Maybe the weather has been part of what’s kept me productive this week. It’s been summer’s fade into fall packed into one week. A little sun, a little cloud, some rain, some wind and a chill. Often in the same hour. Whatever it is, it brings both the energy that was missing during the long melty days of summer and that bit of comfort from curling up and working on something while wrapped in a blanket on the sofa.

Bracelet Prototyping

I picked and poked at some rose and leaf beads I made the last few weeks. I was inspired by another artists rose bracelet series but the challenge of how to put my own spin on it is there. Of course, one way to do that is to use my own beads instead of buying, to use caned elements where I can… I am sure I will come up with an ‘Elaine Original’ with a little more thought and playing. The first try is to the left and has already been disassembled, the poor thing.

I got into making beads because I loved to make jewelry – even though, my boyfriend helpfully points out, I don’t WEAR the stuff – and sometimes I get itchy fingers. And I crank out pieces, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants. I’m lucky these days because that’s part of my work. Here’s one of my usual bracelets with some of my latest beads – I’m going to start offering my caned beads as lentils in addition to rounds and pillows and the coffee tones colour scheme is one of my standards.

Coffee Tones Lentils Bracelet
The 'head' count

For the Claychicks shop, I decided I would try selling some little ‘mystery boxes’ of cane pieces. Help me clean up my seasons stock as I make a ton of items, give people a try at canes for a lower price than the average set and still get a nice variety of canes to play with. I’m using $8 for a 1- 1.25 oz selection from my current canes (which includes the stuff to the side) as well as whatever is in good condition but didn’t come to hand fast enough for that pic.

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