Year of Clay – Sweet Treats

This week I played a bit with my clay-food. I made donut and cake beads, experimented with a sandwich cookie, tried out a cupcake. It’s still all in the early stages and needs some of that practice thing but it was fun.

baked cake beads

One other thing – some of these have different scents added to the clay – varying strength essential oils in vanilla, cinnamon and something else sweet (chocolate? mocha? not sure) . I’m testing to see how long the smell stays – I didn’t make it strong to start – among other factors. I need to work on the sprinkles and icings and all the nitpicky details. What fun!

2 Responses

  1. what kind of essential oils do you use? i heard of people making scented polymer clay objects but no one has ever said how it was done or what was used. can you help me please because i would like to try this.

  2. Hey Odessa! I edited your comment to remove the email so that it would not get you hit by every spammer in the universe next time my site gets scraped.

    I’ve done this before with various oils, perfumes and other smelly things (spices, flower petals). The scent stays best with the better quality essential oils which you can occasionally find in good craft stores and bed and bath stores or places that sell aromatherapy things.

    The smell will wear off and oil will make clay very soft and arguably less strong so it’s something to use in moderation.