Year of Clay – Remnant Beads

A friend scolds us when we call our cane ends, bad slices and sheet leftovers scraps. She calls them remnants. I’m not sure it’ll change my habit but here’s some of my cleaned-off-my-desk beads:

Scrap Beads

Flickr will show you much larger versions if you click on through. The green / pink / gold ones are Natashas that I rounded the edges on and I have a half vision of an odd bracelet with those. The rest… I’m not exactly sure. I have so many more cane ends though and it was either toss them in the mud bucket or make scrap.. er .. remnant beads out of them. I hope by the time I process the pile I’ll have some inspiration.

These are heading for their dance in the tumbler! Maybe inspiration will visit while they get smooth and shiny.

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