Year of Clay – Flip Flops

polymer clay flip flop beadsFlip flop weather is here! From a standing start in snow in May (I kid you not) to the lovely sun of the last few days, flip flop weather has arrived.

And with it, new flip flops for the year of course! These are in my regular colour schemes – the lavender fields and the sea garden and I have scads more to go for upcoming sales.

I wrote about how I make these last year, using a combination of Kathy Weinberg’s tutorial, my friend Carolyn’s example and a little bit of extra wire to make assembling them simpler overall.

This years hint has to do with a simple texture for the bottom – though real flip flops work well for that, we didn’t have any that were fresh – and that’s the hook part of velcro. Lovely!

One Response

  1. I never wear flip flops. But since reading your blog I am catching myself looking at the soles of flippies to find a great texture to use for clay. Thanks Illaya