Blob to Pendant

Sometimes when you make items to sell you just want to whip up a few simple items. Nothing time consuming or expensive but appealing and popular. For me, that tends to be simple pendants on basic cordage. Larger beads and my swirly hearts tend to end up on black cord at my shows.

A simple way of making these into pendants follows:

The tools you need –

polymer clay pendant

Minor surgery on the clay piece –

polymer clay pendant

Tuck in the jump ring –

polymer clay pendant

Smooth and add a little liquid clay for reinforcement then bake as normal –

polymer clay pendant

The same process works well with smaller jump rings and smaller beads for earring dangles or charms. For heavier or larger pieces use a larger ring or thread a squiggly shape topped with a ring down into the piece for a longer area of hold. If you do it wearing gloves you’ll even avoid the fingerprints all over this one…

2 Responses

  1. It’s always an education to stop by your blog. Great tip on anchoring wire for pendants. Thanks elaine