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Week 12: Forget Me Nots

My weeks are running a little behind because my whole world is. Our planned kitchen renovations got moved up a little early and as a result my whole schedule is a little iffy. That said, I’m still cranking out the clay… it’s just the related actions like photographing and blogging in a timely manner that have gone to hell.

Forget-me-nots are such pretty flowers and I made a few extra large, flat ones for pins. Luckily they’re also one of the more popular designs in my shop so I get the chance to make them reasonably often

Outside vs Inside

I’m an indoor person and a lot of the time I’m a bit of a hermit. I have just enough of a speech issue that going out and dealing with people is frustrating. And really when all the world is under snow and ice, as mine is at the moment, I’d rather admire it from my warm little house.

Spring Flowers

Especially when I have all the signs of spring right here on my studio table!

Wishful Thinking

Piles of Flowers

We’ve had a lot of snow this winter which has probably had me reaching my Winter Saturation Point quicker than usual. I mean it’s hard to remember sunshine and growing things when the world is covered in white and ice. It leads me to stare out the window and wish it were summer already.

The mass of flower beads is the same deal. Making these is pretty straightforward – pop a movie in and use cane scraps to make tiny flower canes. Repeat until bored, bake and slice. It makes tons of cute little beads. Then I remember you have to drill HOLES in all of those. Gah.

Welcome to my world!