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Blue Bluebells

Bluebell Beads

Like a lot of creative, artsy types I was plenty creative as a little kid. My hand eye coordination was such that I was pretty good with the drawing and colouring. What I saw or imagined I could do a pretty good stab at recreating.

I remember colouring bluebells blue when I was 8 or 9 and being told it was wrong. Little did I know bluebells are a pale purple blue.

We’ll call these beads revenge.

Signs of Spring

cherry blossom beads

These turned out so happily! I wanted little cherry blossoms but was dreading trying to do the characteristic stamens. So! I put them right into the flower cane.

We hunted our chocolate eggs today. To those who celebrate, Happy Easter! And to everyone else, I hope you have a beautiful Sunday!

Spring Beads

Daffodil Beads

Until Daffodil Days comes – the Canadian Cancer Society raises money by selling daffodils – on April 27, I have to make do with daffodil beads.

The Flower of the Month is jonquils which are daffodils or narcissus, I’m not sure which. I’m trying to make relevant provincial, state and other traditional flowers as I go.

I also made little evening primroses with the other half of the sunny yellow blend:

Evening Primrose