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Beads Baubles and Bowls

Beads, baubles and bowls essentially describes my finished work! Sometimes that’s more apparent than others as I clear the tables and photograph their residents.

Big Mirror Image Beads

This was a big batch of big mirror image beads – the smaller ones are still an inch long – that are fabulous hot colours. They will probably get strung up casually for several vaguely ethnic inspired pieces.

Sea Garden Pillow Bracelet

Here’s a wireworked bracelet (I wired everything before I began clay and it’s still my preferred technique) with a combination of my pillow beads and bead slices. I like the variety you get with the change in type of beads and I am going to explore this theme more this year.

It's Bright! Coffee Tones Ring Bowl
Inside Ring Bowl 3 Seasonal Ring Bowl

What can I say? I’m a sucker for bowls. These are a few of the latest batch of ring bowls I’ve made with the glass inners. They are instant gratification as far as vessels go.

Happy Mother’s Day

Hallmark holiday or not, let’s give the mom’s a pat on the back today (and while we’re at it, the kids and dads too, I’m generous).

Somedays your Heart is Raw

I spent the day making beads of course. It’s work and it’s a loved task. Dangerous combination. And then some of our favourite food for supper which goes to remind me that I am lucky in my kid. She ate pasta with veggies and chicken Caesar salad and cookies and presented me with a complexly folded origami card she just figured out the routine for.

Lavender and Coffee

Bowl Goals: A Common Theme

This weeks lot of stuff was diverse – little teeny clay heishi, regular cane covered beads, cane slice flower beads and slightly fancier, larger, slice shell beads. There is an underlying theme though: I’m thinking spring and summer stuff. Spring green heishi for stringing. Pastel flower slices. Pink roses on pink beads for mom’s day. Shell beads for summer designs.

Bowl of Everything

With weeks like that I am going to fly past my bead making goal. With the lil’ heishi beads in there, there are around 2000 beads in that bowl. Even without the 20 feet of heishi, there are around 400 beads. Phew! Hope your weeks are similarly productive.