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Bowl Goals: Belatedly

I realized, belatedly, that I had missed my Bowl Goals post last week (and all the other posts too but there’s another story!). I can only plead distraction as I was busy making Thing-a-Days. Here’s my catch up and it’s been a regular bead making factory around here this week:

Bowl Goals - Belatedly

As to what was distracting me, there were orders for which some of those beads are, preparing for an oncoming long weekend trip and my upcoming birthday! Valentines Day is my birthday and this year we’ll be in the small town I’m heading to at the end of the school year.

Year of Clay – Bowls of Sunshine

Red and yellow and sunny, warm colours are not my usual scheme but this bowl just called for a little bit of sunshine so I indulged.

The bowl got more sanding and finishing than I usually do to the glass bowls and the result was a much more translucent look vs the usual slightly frosted one I go for.

Red Orange Yellow Bowl - Inner

Next ‘Year of Clay’ is a project I’ve been playing with a while that is REALLY out of my norm.