The Baseball Cane Video

I filmed the footage for this in late 2020 and then tried to record my own speech for it but turns out… I really can’t talk well. So I’m sticking to the usual method and there’s little caption bubbles throughout.

This video is part of my effort to turn all of my written tutorials – in the posts and pages of this site – into videos, as well. The written post for this is here. In it I do a step in reverse order from the video. In the written form, I make the long horizontal stitching first and, in the video, I make the short vertical stitches first. The end result is the same thing.

Later on, after I got asked to make the initial one of these back in 2015, I got asked to make softball versions. Premo’s wasabi with a tiny smidge of green makes a pretty good softball shade in my opinion. You can see an example of this cane and beads from it as well as the softball versions in my Etsy shop here.

Have a watch: