The Aftermath

Last week we climbed in the car and headed from Swift Current to Coquitlam. We’re talking 17 hours here folks! I set up for the bead show, sold a few beads. I bought beads too, of course:

Bead Show Goodies

This isn’t the masses I usually grab because there were no great bargains so I just went with the higher end goodies in a small dose. I did have the great fortune to meet or run into other beady types including a few other polymer clay artists. It was so cool to be able to talk clay to others!

After the show we spent a little more time in the Vancouver area and went to the aquarium. I snapped a picture of the jellyfish right before my camera battery died (and, yes, I brought the wrong replacement battery):


All in all the trip was good and educational but as with all travel things I’m happy to be back home in my little comfy studio doing my thing.