Wrapping Up 2012

Christmas Tree

There’s our perky little Christmas tree all lit up and cheery! Some years I grumble about the work of decorating (even the small amount I do) but the kidlet’s eyes light up and she makes cute little awwwww noises every time we turn the tree lights on so there we go. Plus, let’s face it, these days she can do most of it herself which makes it easier for me to pitch in.

Our 2012 wrapped up with the usual crazy flurry of family visits, last minute colds, abundant feasting, generous gifts and winter weather. Today is the first day with the family back at school and their day job and I am spending the day taking stock.

First order of business will be cleaning and counting and organizing – finishing up the year end papers and setting up for 2013. One of the resolutions I stuck with in 2012 was greatly improving my filing which has made that task so much simpler. Herding the random clay, beads, finding and other inventory back to their homes? Well, that’ll be more work.

I’m a little slow this year on deciding what I want to focus on for 2013 but I have a feeling it’ll be more technical things. In my world the clay and the computers and the electronics and tools all mix and mash into wonderful chaos so this mostly just means I’ll be exploring a lot of the tools and geeky aids for my crafty empire. It always helps me tolearn if I have a project to apply the lessons to and I’ve been lucky enough that my polymer clay job has always given my techy side lots of projects to use.

Anyone else have goals, projects and resolutions they’re planning on tackling for 2013? I always assume most people aim for the basic self improvement – be a little more happy, healthy, kind so I always try to make specific goals above and beyond that.

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