Time Away from my Studio

It seems that I most want to dig my fingers into a bowl of beads or a chunk of clay when I’m nowhere near them (or this week, as I teach). I suspect that’s human nature. Or Elaine-nature at least. I’m a contrary person like that sometimes.

Gone Shoppin'

We spent the weekend Not At Home – visiting my family in Calgary and getting errands done in civilization (hello WR Display, you make me happy). Visited Ikea, Springbank Cheese company and other delightful places my wallet is happy I only get to see occasionally. Apart from boxes to mail goodies, I found a guillotine and a hand cart for my studio and shows respectively. Note: the hand cart was appropriated for use before it could pose here.

Taste of Calgary

I made sure to do SOME fun things. Every year there’s the Taste of Calgary and I’ve gone to most of them. My daughter has her favourites like the mini melts but we do always try to experiment a little too.

Mud Pie

This year we tried nifty little appetizers from Tango and perfect little pakoras from Delice and some amazing bacon wrapped prawns and stuffed Yorkies from Halo… er, yeah. Lots of good stuff.

Dandelion eating

Of course, this is a note that you don’t really need to whip out your wallet to relax… you just need to stop and smell (or, in my daughter’s case, eat) the flowers.