Show on the Lake

Within weeks of my moving to Saskatchewan last summer there was this little craft show at Lac Pelletier, a small resort town near here. It was a sweet show and a nice day even though I had the last of a flu for it. This year I’m happy to say it was STILL a sweet show and I was completely healthy.

Lake Shot

The area is beautiful with a big lake nestled in the hills – for a flat province, Saskatchewan has a freakish amount of hills – and the show is in the community hall.

Lac Pelletier Show Booth

I was a dope and forgot a whole box of my stock which ended up not being a big deal. I had plenty of my bread and butter small show pieces and those went over well. Of course, I spent a big chunk of my proceeds on local baking and farm food but we’ll eat well for days yet.

Friends at the Show

My friend Cindy was at the show with me since doing them with friends is much more fun.

Now back to the regular week! My Christmas in July sale on Etsy and ArtFire runs until the end of the month. If you’re looking for beads or canes to use in your fall designs give it a peek!