Writing Prompts


I was clicking through writing prompts on the internet – something, anything to give me an idea to write that wasn’t just a ‘buy my beads, they’re really cute’ post – and one of the prompts was: Pick a meaningful quote. Why is it meaningful?

Ah! Quotes! That I can do. One of my favourites is by Voltaire and is approximately: “The perfect is the enemy of the good.”

Of course, it’s also why I hadn’t updated. I could have pointed out that I had been busily fixing errors on my website here, adding canes to the webshop, adding gift certificates to my Etsy and ArtFire Shops, making gifts for relatives, formatting tutorials for pdfs to be released on ClayLessons.com, tidying up my studio, bullying my boyfriend into actually doing his gift shopping and wrapping up 2009 as a year.

That’s so blah. No pictures. So I didn’t write it. Because it wasn’t perfect, only good.

So there’s a trap I still have to drag myself out of all the time. Not to let the perfect prevent me from doing something good.

The cute cat picture at the top? Absolutely nothing to do with the post beyond being some eye candy. He’s FireHeart, a friends cat, and he was enjoying his role as doormat.