Chasing Ladybugs

Chasing Ladybugs

I’m spending part of Chloe’s spring break out in Swift Current, the town I move to in June. While my guy was tinkering with the garage he framed last fall, I went and started clearing the debris out of the bushes and flower beds. I may not get the chance to put much in this year – we move at the end of June – but it’ll get a little TLC at least.

I must have found dozens of ladybugs as I picked up the extra leaves and big sticks. My trusty, inexpensive little Olympus does nifty macro shots.

Chasing Ladybugs

Next cane when I get home? Ladybug for sure.


  1. Illaya Brown says:

    I love my Olympus camera also, Elaine.

    The ladybugs arrived here on the Olypic Peninsula on the same day as the humming birds. This year there is a species that I have never seen before. they are yellow with black dots. I wonder if this is a mutation of some sort. They appear alongside the traditional color ladybug. so I doubt that it is another bug and just happen to look like them. Did you see any yellow ones?
    So far we have 2 varities of hummers. The Rufus which are a nutty color of brown with blazing red throats and a green variety with white throats. The Rufus are very territorials and really make a fuss. they also have a longer beak than the green ones. I have 5 feeders out with about 20 birds competing for the feeders. I have been playing with using essential oils on the exterior of the feeders to see if scent has an effect for popularity. So far Jasmin and Lilly of the Valley are the winners.

    How is your studio coming along at the new house. I bet you are getting excited about your move.

    Can’t wait to see your ladybug cane. Have fun!!!!!

  2. Elaine says:

    Hi Illaya! The yellowish brown ones with many spots are indeed a variety of the regular (well, regular to us) ladybugs. They are Asian or Japanese ladybugs and were brought to the US to control specific types of aphids if I recall correctly. You should ask Terry what she thinks of them lol.

  3. Illaya Brown says:

    I have a friend that goes bonkers when the word ladybugs is said. she has good reason to. The ladybugs in her area decided that her house was the perfect place to winter one year. Her attic was full of them and the would find a crack and fill her bedroom ceiling. It is no fun to be sleeping and having ladybugs falling onto your face. The miserable part was that once winter was over they decided not to leave.
    She spent 5 years battling the ladybugs. Finally she called the pest control folks.
    Sad ending.

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