Daytona Luxury Earrings

daytona luxury earrings polymer clay beadsOne of the best parts about selling your crafts is meeting nice and like-minded people. I love beads and I am always thrilled to what people do with beads. Particularly my beads!

Cindi of Daytona Luxury Earrings makes lovely earrings for her eBay store from a variety of quality materials. I was thrilled to see she has a whole section of earrings featuring polymer clay beads!

She bought a set of my face beads and then turned them into these lovelies which you can nab here. This is probably the best part of selling beads – other artists think up designs that I would never have thought of and yet work just right.

3 Responses

  1. I love the cheeks on your faces… very soft and pretty! Yeah it is cool to see what someone else does with your beads. Two artists’ voices in one piece… music for your eyes!

  2. I love sharing what I make / what friends make 😀 Probably one of the best parts of making.. pretty much anything.

    Funny you should mention the cheeks Cindy! I was trying to explain how many separate canes / skinner blends there were in a face cane to a friend… forgot the cheeks, oops.