Claychicks & Tooaquarius Weekly

Wow, we did it. The Claychicks are back! And the Tooaquarius Shop on Etsy has launched! I reloaded the Claychicks Etsy shop with clay canes and added a few beadsets to the new Tooaquarius shop as well as the webstore.

Some features from the ‘chicks include:

blue polymer clay canes and coffee polymer clay canes

And in the Tooaquarius Shop and Tooaquarius Etsy I added quite a few sets of beads, all at $10, including:

Pink Rose Beads and Little face beads

To get a good look at the Tooaquarius web shop’s collection, try here for sets in black & white, purple, blue or a warm tropical set.


  1. Elaine says:

    Can i be mint flavoured chicklets?

    Yep! We seem to be back. Still straightening out the darned bugs and all but back anyways.

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