Year of Clay – Bangle Stack

The first bangle went so well, I made a stack. Just like pancakes – one is good, a stack is better.

polymer clay bangles

These are all my standard colour schemes – see the sea garden and the lavender fields – over a solid core of my own design. I’ve almost got it down!

6 Responses

  1. ooo sowwy, didn’t mean to scare you with grown up words.

    I like the way you put colors together 😀 (Is that better?)

  2. I love these bangles! They are beautiful! BTW, I put a link to your site in my sidebar. I want to keep coming back for those tips on how to use the polymer clay canes! When I think I am ready to meet the challenge, I will definitely buy one of the canes to make beads and buttons. I love your color palettes, and designs.