kathis canes penI have a friend I’ve played an online boardgame with on and off for five years. Late last fall I showed him my clay life and pointed out some of the designs I had on Ebay.

Being him, he surfed right past my flowers and gushed about Kathi Gose’s amazing Native American designs. He told me he would love to have a gift for his father with these designs. So I asked Kathi for a few pieces. She’s a sweetie and sent them right along.

Of course, he took a few months off playing and I didn’t see him until this weekend past. He asked after the old project and said his father was getting married this Thursday. Would I make a gift? he asked. Sure, I said.

I tried half a dozen designs before I settled for absolute simplicity. The poor pen blanks.

The story doesn’t end there. It turns out that Mr. P, the groom to be, has lung cancer. The cancer has reached the terminal stage. My friend Kathi, who’s beautiful designs are on these pens, is a fierce supporter of cancer research and fundraises for it.