I <3 Etsy

If you’ve somehow not checked out Etsy and you have any interest in crafts and handmade goods… you’re missing a treat.

Like Ebay it offers small business and SRA’s a chance to sell their work but the overall atmosphere is very different. The format is all fixed price, the focus is on handmade crafts, the interface is clean, modern and friendly.

Basically, I’m in love.

As far as traffic goes – Etsy is much smaller than Ebay but this is balanced by the fact that I sell in a niche category on both sites. My items on Ebay don’t get many views when I don’t do active, external advertising and the same goes on Etsy.

Polymer clay is a pretty small part of Etsy so far but growing – there’s a street team (what they call their community groups) for clayers called the Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy though.

And some of my friends have found their way to Etsy!

Kathi Gose has listed some of her Very Awesome canes in http://dragonsglass.etsy.com. Pat Stevenson has dipped her toe in at http://creationsbypat.etsy.com and Lisa Clarke of the amazing PolkadotCreations (all things printed and filmed about CLAY!) is at http://polkadotcreations.etsy.com

5 Responses

  1. Thanks for mentioning me!

    And I think I’ve got the addiction, too… I bought Mother’s Day cards, Mother’s Day gifts, a new purse and two matching “gadget-keepers”, and some note cards all in the space of a week.

  2. Hey gf, thanks for the mention 🙂 I am hoping once this week is over I can get a mailing list up and running to get more traffic in there. Maybe this will help some too, your mention 🙂

  3. I just opened an etsy shop, myself, and I’ve become addicted to it as well as PCC. You’ll do great on etsy and you should join PCAGOE.